build true connection

show, convince & assure

Do you also want more impact in your calls and become less exhausted?

empower your calls with eyeQ on your laptop screen

How does eyeQ work?

Now you can look at your screen & into the camera
at the same time!

Learn more about the 7 pain points of video calling

plug & play

camera connects to USB-C or USB-A

ultra HD camera

4k camera with HDR technology


Dutch design, patent pending


built-in digital microphone

perfect fit

available for 13, 14 & 15 inch laptops


built with durable materials

easy to carry

folds into a protective slim case


protection against unwanted stares and glares

slim, light & easy to carry when folded

Support your employees with eyeQ

eyeQ boosts the video performance of busy professionals

You can also use eyeQ as a teleprompter for recording engaging videos

build true connection from anywhere

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