Who can benefit from using eyeQ?
Does my video contact also need to use eyeQ?
Why should I use an eyeQ instead of an artificial intelligence (AI) solution?
Are your products useful for meetings with more than two participants?
Does eyeQ support hybrid offices and working from home?
Can I use your products for recording presentations, instruction videos, sales pitches, or lectures?
How can I use my eyeQ for online teaching?
What are the benefits of using eyeQ in the delivery of online care?
Can eyeQ be used together with a separate headphone and microphone?

Do your products work with my computer?
Do I need to download complicated software?
Do I need any tools?
How do I use my eyeQ on a flat-screen monitor?
Can I use eyeQ with a tablet computer?

What size do I need?

Where can I buy your products?

What are your Tips & Tricks for professional video calls?
Should I seek & maintain eye contact throughout my calls?
How should I prepare for a call?
Where should the eyes of my video contact be positioned on my screen?
How to project eye contact in meetings with more than 2 participants?
Should I tell my video contacts upfront that I am using eyeQ?

What accounts for the magic of the eyeQ?
How durable are your products?
What is the weight of your products?
How do I maintain my eyeQ?

Where are you based?
What makes you guys tick?
How sustainable are you?

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